Club Tournaments

Want to know when a particular tournament is coming up or how each one works? You’ve come to the right page! Here you will find descriptions of the tournaments and leagues at GRC. Just click on the links below to find a description of each event.funflight2014-02


The Calcutta Tournament utilizes the high and narrow confines of the GRC North American Courts. All players who sign up are ranked and handicapped based on skill level against the field. A strong player may have a -20 handicap, while a newer player to the game may have a +5 handicap. The tournament offers a social aspect that allows all skill levels to compete on the same court. A player with the example handicap of -20, will need to score 35 points to get to 15 to win, while the new player at +5 needs to find a way to squeeze 10 points to manage the win. For both parties this can often be a challenging task. Handicaps will vary for all players.

With a full 32 member sign up, a play down will occur to pare down to 16 players. Sixteen matches will be played to eliminate half the field. Players will schedule the games on the North American courts at their convenience prior to Auction night. In the play down, match format is best 2 of 3 games – winner of each game is first to 15 (single point to win).

Auction Night

The 16 remaining players are identified by handicap and who they beat to make the final 16. All club members are encouraged to buy their favourite with auction proceeds becoming the prize pool for the potential winners. Cartels of owners will cheer their players to victory on finals night.


Random draw determines the match-ups on Finals night with single games, scored to 15, eliminating players. The last 4 players standing play for glory and riches on Court 1.

Club Championships

This is the last squash tournament of the season and you play for pride (and your name on one of the many trophies at the club).  When the sign-up starts, you self-select the categories/divisions you want to compete in (to a maximum of 3 Categories):

  • Women’s A, B, C and D
  • Men’s A, B, C and D
  • Masters, Vets, Seniors, Juniors
  • Open (all ages, all skill levels)

Your first round opponent in the draw is selected and you arrange to play your first match usually weeks before the Club Championship weekend.  From there, your opponents are determined by your win/loss record until finally the draw is pared down to the final 4.  If you make it to the final and consolation rounds, you’ll be playing on the Club Championship weekend in front of the home crowd! If you don’t make it to the final rounds you get to come and watch, cheer and enjoy beverages.  Either way, you can’t lose!


Fun Flight

Fun Flight is just that – an opportunity to play others you normally don’t play!  In initial rounds there may be a large divide between skill levels of players.  As the rounds progress the skill levels begin to approximate until your last match or two are close and competitive.  This is a great opportunity for new members to meet more experienced players on the court and let their level of play take ‘flight’, and for our very talented pool of squash players to impart their expertise!

House League

This description is coming soon!

T&D Inter-Club

This description is coming soon!

Cutthroat Tourney

Cutthroat Tourney is comprised of up to 8 teams, with 4 players of varying skill level on each team. Team members will be suited in matching Cutthroat t-shirts. Each match (single game) involves 3 players on the court at the same time. Two players will actively rally, while the third maintains a neutral position at the back of the court keeping away from the play. The winner of the match is the first to 15 points and scores 3 points for their team. The player with the 2nd most points scores 2, and the other team scores 1. The team with the most points at the end of the night is king of the squash seas.


This description is coming soon!