Club History

mar2011_1632In November 1972, four Georgetown professionals desiring to play squash in town, met to discuss the feasibility of such an undertaking. Monty Hyrde, Bill Manderson, Marty Hughes and Boyd Hoddinott made enquiries at local golf and health clubs and began developing a plan of action. Despite much skepticism within the community and from others who had tried and failed, the four men were convinced they could sell the concept.

In March 1973, the organizers were made aware of nine acres of industrial land on the banks of the Credit River that was available and considered to be too far below grade for normal industry. An offer was made by Boyd Hoddinott which was accepted by local council. However, there was a year’s delay due to property designation. In June of 1973, the founders organized a stag at the local armory. One hundred and sixty men came out to see displays about squash and to hear Jimmy Mason and others extol the virtues of the game. By the end of the night a total of 35 members had written cheques for $350.00 each to buy a share. All of this took place on the basis of faith and trust in the organizers. Graham Brown and Drs. Brian Buckrell and Alex Furness were others prominent in the early organization which continued to grow so that by the day of the victorious OMB hearing in May of 1974, 70 members had signed up.

Sod turning took place in August 1974 with the original male-only Georgetown Racquet Club ready for play in mid January 1975.

In the spring of 1978, the GRC membership voted to undergo an expansion which involved the addition of two international courts, two tennis courts and the conversion to a family club. The Georgetown Racquet Club has fulfilled the Fun, Fitness and Fellowship needs of its members and can look forward, with confidence, to many more years of success.